We believe in great education.

Your support helps CHANGE Matters, Inc. to continue improving the education experiences of youth in Palm Beach County. Below is a list of ways you can be a change hero!


CHANGE Matters would not be able to operate without the generous financial support from people just like you. Every dollar you invest towards CHANGE Matters ensures a great education for our at risk population. Please consider making a donation today!

Adopt - A - Garden:

Each of our program sites require continuous up-keep and much of this work is only achieved through the help of volunteers. Consider “adopting” a site and investing your time to help to maintain a community garden near you!


CHANGE Matters is a small,

start-up nonprofit that currently operates on 100% volunteer participation. Consider dedicating your time to one of our many volunteer areas including special event planning, community support or program instruction.

Contact us today to get involved and begin making a

difference by being apart of CHANGE Matters, Inc.

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